• Statement from CBAT on extending provision in schools in June 2020
    In the week beginning 1st June, Cam Woodfield Junior School and Berkeley Primary School both extended their provision to include pupils in YrR, Yr1 and Yr6. This followed extensive work by the school’s headteachers and staff, developing risk assessments, and planning logistical arrangements and a suitable programme of learning. The Board of Trustees met on Monday 18th May to review plans and risk assessments and gave their approval for the school to extend their provision believing that all reasonable steps had been taken to safeguard the health of our pupils and staff. On the 28th May we were told by the government that secondary schools could invite Year 10 and 12 pupils back into school for some face-to-face support with their teachers and in the week beginning 15th June Marling School extended its provision to include up to 25% of Year 10 and 12 on any one day. Opening plans and risk assessments received approval by The Board of Trustees on Tuesday 9th June. All three school maintain their provision for vulnerable pupils and the children of key workers. The Trust Board has been hugely impressed by the way CBAT staff have supported our pupils throughout this lockdown experience and prepared for wider opening and they express their thanks to leadership teams, governors and staff for the significant amount of work that has taken place to put us in this strong overall position.

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Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust (CBAT) is a thriving partnership of schools with a strong collective identity that work together to generate and celebrate success.

We are ambitious for our students and staff. Together we raise aspirations, inspire excellence and tackle disadvantage in an educational environment in which everyone is valued and given the challenge and support necessary to thrive and achieve their utmost potential. CBAT is currently comprised of our three schools in Gloucestershire - Marling School, Berkeley Primary School and Cam Woodfield Junior School.

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