Removing the operational burden.

Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust removes the burden of operational activities by providing streamlined back office function allowing leaders and teachers to focus on the core business of teaching and learning; the achieved economies of scale allow funds to be directed towards the classroom.

Specifically, CBAT offers:

  • Experience and expertise in guiding schools through the academy conversion process
  • Financial expertise and support through a central finance team
  • HR, Payroll and legal services support including administration of recruitment processes and access to Trust policies
  • Access to expertise in the capital bidding (CIF) process – more than £5M capital funding achieved so far for CBAT schools
  • Premises expertise including health and safety and compliance
  • IT expertise to provide support, development and resourcing
  • Joint negotiating powers for purchasing or agreeing service contracts
  • Expertise in data analysis (including within SIMS) to support school improvement.