Support for Schools

Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust operates successful secondary, junior and primary schools and has experience of leadership and governance of educational environments from nursery to sixth form, and in selective and comprehensive education. In addition to those working within our schools we have a growing number of educational professionals who work with our our schools and can be called upon to provide support.

Educational professionals working with CBAT schools

Wendy D'Arcy - Primary School Improvement Lead. Wendy has been Headteacher of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Nympsfield, which is part of CETA, since 2011. In that time she has moved the school from Satisfactory to Good, including confirmation of that status in a recent short inspection in November 2018. In her time as Headteacher, the school has grown from 83 pupils on roll to currently 186. Prior to taking up headship at St Joseph’s, Wendy worked in three inner city schools (one secondment to support a school in special measures) in the capacity as a class teacher and middle leader. She became Deputy Headteacher at Nailsworth Primary and acting head within a day of starting. Wendy has extensive knowledge of schools in the area. She is a member of the Gloucestershire Association of Primary Heads and the Stroud Association of Schools and has worked with the Local Authority in several school improvement roles including Executive Head for schools in Cam and Cheltenham. Wendy inspects for Ofsted and Catholic Schools Inspections, Section 48.

Lorna Brackstone. Until recently, Lorna was one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI), a position she held for over 10 years. She led inspections of nursery, primary, and secondary schools, both in the maintained and independent sector. Lorna also gained considerable experience inspecting children centres, initial teacher education and Ministry of Defence Schools overseas. Lorna has extensive teaching and leadership experience in schools. Prior to becoming an HMI, she inspected for Ofsted, whilst working closely with a number of local authorities as a school improvement consultant. In this role she reviewed school self-evaluations and supported leaders in development planning. Lorna was also an external adviser for the performance management of headteachers. Currently, Lorna works for several MATs in a self-employed capacity. This involves carrying out regular reviews of academies where she provides both support and challenge to middle and senior leaders. Lorna also helps governors to understand and carry out their role effectively.