If all schools within the Trust are to have a common culture of shared values, high aspiration and expectations whilst retaining their own unique identity and sense of purpose – then strong leadership, management and governance is essential.

CBAT is a strategic partnership of schools that provides strong leaders, effective governance, and operational effectiveness leading to the success of our schools.

  • Members & Trustees

    Founding Members

    Mr Allen McConaghie – Education Consultant and former headteacher 

    Mrs Sarah-Jane Zodiates (Chair) – former Solicitor specialising in construction and engineering law

    Additional Members

    Mr David Hagg - Former Chief Executive Officer of Stroud District Council

    Rear Admiral (retired) Henry Parker - BAESYSTEMS Submarines DREADNOUGHT Whole Boat Integration Director

    The Reverend John Thompson - Lead Chaplain Department of Spiritual Care Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS


    Mr John Gilbert

    Mrs Jane Exworthy

    Mrs Ruth Hollier

    Mr Nigel Riglar (Chair)

    Mrs Kim Wilson (Chief Executive Officer)

    Mr Chris Brierley

    Ms Claire Kerswill

  • Effective governance

    Our dynamic board of trustees is driven by its strategic function to set and implement a vision for the Trust that creates continuous improvement in our academies and ensures the best outcomes for our children and young people.

    Strong governance provides CBAT with:

    • Leadership that champions CBAT’s vision and strategy.
    • Clear accountability for both educational standards and financial performance and probity.
    • Transparent and clearly defined roles and responsibilities, both for the Trust and for each separate Academy.
    • Evaluation that monitors and improves the quality of governance.
    • Compliance with statutory and contractual requirements.

    Effective governance also ensures that each Academy acts in a manner consistent with the vision and values of the Trust and provides the flexibility necessary for it to take decisions that can be tailored to the local needs of its educational community.

    CBAT Governance Scheme
  • The freedoms of Academy status

    The conversion from a school to an Academy provides leaders with a range of new freedoms.

    Joining CBAT as a new academy creates the opportunity to:

    • Work confidently with other like-minded schools focusing on excellence in teaching, learning and assessment.
    • Develop a curriculum that reinforces your vision and allows you to be more relevant to the needs of the communities you serve.
    • Change term dates and the number of INSET days to support the professional development of staff.
    • Work under the umbrella of a larger organisation allowing you freedoms to attract and retain the best staff.
  • Best Practice

    One of the key benefits of working in a school-led collaborative organisation like CBAT is the opportunity to share experience, best practice and professional generosity within the Trust to improve outcomes for students.

    We are ready to take any best practice examples successfully embedded at one Academy and share them across all the others in the Trust to promote consistently higher standards as CBAT grows.

  • Managing financial challenges

    To deliver the outcomes it wants for its children and young people, the finances of any MAT must be strong and sustainable.

    Every Trust needs a robust approach to operating effectively within inevitable financial constraints.

    By centralising key support services and other administrative and corporate functions, and standardising key finance policies, CBAT aims to help each of its constituent schools to achieve better efficiencies, economies of scale and value for money.

    • Centralised oversight and control of financial systems will enable the Trustees to achieve the best possible value for money
    • Establishing joint procurement practices will drive efficiencies, broker solutions and secure maximum savings through economies of scale
    • Specific examples of joint procurement of goods and services might include insurances, learning resources or materials and joint continuing professional development (CPD)
    • Strong central support for CBAT’s operational needs can also free more time and resources for headteachers and their staff to invest in teaching and learning
    • CBAT’s financial processes and contingency plans are sufficiently robust to be resilient to changes in income.
  • Vacancies for Trustees and Governors at CBAT

    We are currently recruiting Trustees for CBAT and Governors for the Local Governing Bodies of Berkeley Primary School and Marling School. Please see adverts and application forms below for more information.